John Murphy / Damien Smith. Locost & Global Light

John Murphy / Damien Smith. Locost & Global Light

John Murphy & Damien Smith have entered the Open Endurance Series as a relay team. With both the Global Light and the Locost running small fuel tanks the 2 car, 2 driver relay team option was ideal for the Carlow pairing.

Car Profiles:


Locost kit car

Developed over the last 6 years, John’s Locost 7 is now an extremely quick car. Rather than the usual Ford four banger or bike power John has taken a route less traveled and the featherweight kit car is now powered by a 2 litre, turbocharged Honda F20 motor, which gives it around 600bhp per tonne!

With that much power in a lightweight car you find yourself pulling gears pretty quickly and a Saenz sequential gearbox with paddle shift makes things a bit more manageable.

All this is transferred to the ground through fully independent suspension and Penske 3 way adjustable shocks and very wide, sticky slicks! Oh and there’s a DRS system too!


Global GT Light

The second car on the team, driven by Damien Smith is a standard Global GT light. The Globals feature a full space frame chassis, high down force bodywork and a 600cc Yamaha bike engine and sequential box.

Driver Profiles:


John Murphy

John has raced both the global and the Locost off and on for the last few years in Time attack and GT’s and has done a lot of track days too.

Damien Smith

Damien is Johns nephew and has spent the last 11 years racing bikes. This will be his first year on 4 wheels


The team are supported by & renowned engine tuners, Track Day Performance, who have worked their magic on the H20 turbo setup. See for more information. is Johns own business and they offer a complete sales, service, parts, and repair service for Mercedes Sprinter vans throughout Ireland. For more information see or call 059 9147969

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