Barry Rabbitt / Dave Clarke. Golf GTI

Barry Rabbitt / Dave Clarke. Golf GTI

Barry Rabbitt and Dave Clarke have entered the Open Endurance Series in the up to 2 litre class and will be double driving Dave’s 2 litre mk2 Golf GTI.


Car Profile:

Mk2 Golf GTI with a 2 litre normally aspirated engine. (180bhp).

Driver Profiles:


Barry Rabbitt

Barry has been racing since 1999 and if it has 4 wheels, you can almost guarantee he’s raced it! Once referred to by our favorite commentator Leo Nulty as “Barry I can drive any fast me, Rabbit” he has won in
Fiat Unos, Punto Abarths, Saloon Libre, Fiestas, Formula Sheane, ITCC, Nippon Challenge, Dunlop Motorsport Saloons, BOSS Ireland.
Barry also won the 2013 Leinster Trophy and was the Barbados International Race Meeting winner 2010/2011

Dave Clarke

David Clarke has built some of the fastest road and race VWs in Ireland. Dave previously raced in ITCC in a different MK2 Golf but apart from a one off race last year in the car he is entering for round 1 at Bishopscourt he has not competed for maybe 5/6 years. He sees the Open Endurance Series as an attractive, cost effective and fun way to go racing with friends.



The highly talented and experienced pairing don’t currently have any sponsors and as you can see the car is a blank canvas! Any interested parties looking for a great opportunity should contact Barry at

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